Child Custody

It’s no secret that when it comes to family law issues, emotions are bound to run high. No matter if it’s child support, child custody, or one of dozens of other family law issues, it’s important that you have level-headed and experienced legal representation on your side.

Todd Stramel has more than 25 years of experience representing clients in Western Kansas. He has a thorough understanding of family law and how to handle the emotionally charged issues that may arise due to a judge’s decision.

Todd takes the time to meet with all of his clients to fully understand their unique situation and how it can best be resolved for their family. Taking this time with his clients is important. It can help ensure your family law case is presented in a way that encourages action supporting your family’s ideal situation.

Stramel Law strives to treat all family law cases with compassion, knowledge, and the right amount of firmness needed to help win your case. Todd will work with you to ensure you are up-to-date about all matters involving your case.

Divorce and Child Custody
Stramel Law will handle your child custody case.

Child Support and Custody

Child support cases are one of the most stressful situations your family may face. Many factors are taken into consideration by a judge during child support cases. In these cases, it’s vital that your representing attorney has thoroughly researched every detail and piece of evidence that may come up in court. Todd Stramel is thorough with his client research to make sure evidence is presented accurately on your behalf.

After initial child support cases have been decided, there are instances where a return to the courtroom is necessary. In these cases, a review of the original terms of the child support agreement will occur and a revision may be needed. This could be due to a cost increase for a child’s care, or because of an income increase or decrease for one or both parents. When these situations arise, Todd Stramel acts quickly to gather evidence to save time, money, and stress for his clients.

Stramel Law – A Compassionate Western Kansas Family Attorney

If you need legal representation for a family law matter, Todd Stramel can help. He is experienced in all types of family law and is passionate about serving his clients across Western Kansas. Contact Stramel Law by phone: (785) 460-3222 or by email using our contact form.